EdTech Consultancy and Tools

Zeba Academy is active in the field of education across various paradigm. In addition to courses, we also provide education consulting services to institutions.

Zeba Academy EdTech
EdTech Consulting

Zeba Academy offers several tools and solutions to help institutions digitize and build the classroom for tomorrow. We have our own flagship solutions for Libraries and LMSs.

We create apps and tools meant especially to encourage education, and to ease the life of learners and teachers alike. Our solutions are developed by experts, and adhere to SCORM standards.

Zeba Academy EdTech
eLearning Content

Are you an educational institution, looking to develop learning content and curriculum of your own? Zeba Academy can help. With our global team of educationists and experts, Zeba Academy is active in the preparation and development of bespoke learning content, in various languages. Be it video content, or text, or even books, Zeba Academy can cater to learning material requirements for all levels.