Social Media and Digital Marketing – Nur-Sultan, KZ

Социальные Медиа и Маркетинг - Нур-Султан, Казахстан

We’re happy to announce a brand new course today! Social Media and Digital Marketing as a course is a complete overview of Instagram as a trading platform, a review of a product / service, its promotion and ways of interacting with customers. The course consists of 10 modules, from creating a page to launching an advertisement. Each module is a step-by-step instruction for correct work in this social network to obtain results.

Social Media and Digital Marketing Course in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

General overview of the course program:

  • Instagram overview;
  • Account structure and work items;
  • Work with content / texts / hashtags;
  • Work with public / bloggers;
  • Setting targeting ads;

The first module deals with familiarization with Instagram. The network and capabilities of Instagram for business, also includes a complete overview of the types of commercial accounts on Instagram.

In the second module, we reveal the topic of setting up and registering an account, as well as protecting your account from ban, theft and hacking.

The third module is the most extensive module in the program. This module examines the full overview of content creation, its types. It also includes the selection of the account style, the subtleties of creating high-quality photo content using the editor. For more professional accounts with products, the program includes studying the budget of photography. After studying the content section, the program reveals information on how to properly present the idea, write texts, determine the audience, as well as information about ideas for filming live and stories. In addition to photo content, the program includes information on creating video content, a content plan, and analysis.

The fourth module of the program studies traffic and its types.

In the fifth module, types of hashtags, strategy, their use and geolocation points are analyzed.

The sixth module deals with the topics of automation of subscriptions and getting likes. As well as work with auxiliary applications. Describes the strategy of mass-following and mass-liking.

The seventh module of the course provides information on cooperation with the public, on the correct choice of public for advertising.

The eighth module of the course provides information on collaboration with bloggers. An extensive overview of the types of bloggers, the format of cooperation with bloggers and conditions. As well as control of advertising.

The ninth module talks about one of the strategies for attracting subscribers – holding draws and contests. All about the types and organization of competitions.

The tenth module talks about the main promotion tool – targeted advertising. This module provides information on advertising formats and budget management, as well as the preparation and launch of targeted advertising, creating an audience in the target.

Each module provides practical assignment and homework for students.

All tasks are carried out individually.

All students have access to the online version of the course.


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