Mastering JavaScript with Node.js – Nur-Sultan, KZ

Mastering JavaScript with Node.js - Nur-Sultan, KZ

Node.js is fairly new to the development scene, but has been rising in popularity with each passing day. When it comes to server-side backend development, Node has become the de facto standard in the industry. As such, knowledge of Node is vital and Node.js devs are high in demand.

That brings us to the question — where can you learn Node.js? Right here!

We’re announcing our first ever Hybrid Course — Mastering JavaScript with Node.js that will run from November 16th until December first-week.

Curious about what the course has to offer? Read on!

Mastering JS with Node — The Course

  • 36 hours of intensive learning – right from the basics all the way up to complex apps
  • Weekend classes – we know your schedule is tight, so we planned it accordingly.
  • Online exclusive learning material that you won’t find elsewhere!
  • Study on weekends, access learning content — videos, ebooks, courses, assignments and projects — online anytime, anywhere.
  • Life-long access to the course content — even after the completion of course.
  • Joint certificate from Zeba Academy and BCPD AIFC.
  • Industry-level projects and tasks for better exposure.

Course Structure

  • 3 hours – weekdays (online, study anytime, anywhere)
  • 3 hours – Saturdays (on-campus)
  • 3 hours – Sundays (on-campus)
  • Four week course
  • Assignments every second week
  • Real-world tasks and projects

Additional Info

You can download the course syllabus from here. To enrol in course, simply fill out this form and we’d be in touch! 🙂


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