Mastering JavaScript

Mastering JavaScript

If your career goals include working on the web, then understanding JavaScript is a must. Being fluent in JavaScript allows you to create literally any type of website or app from scratch. In fact, as the most popular language on the internet, JavaScript skills can come in handy for anyone, even if you aren’t set on a career in technology.

Our JavaScript course has been created especially with the beginners in mind. It follows a streamlined, practice-oriented, modular approach that enables even the most novice of learners to master the core concepts quickly.

Why JavaScript?

As of 2022, 98% of websites on the internet use JavaScript as a client-side language.

Need more? The average payscale for a JavaScript developer is currently over $100,000.

Owing to its unified codebase, JavaScript is also the go-to language for building web applications, cross-platform apps, mobile apps, as well as other interactive solutions. In fact, if your project has anything to do with the internet, it needs JavaScript.

Why This Course?

  • Our courses are taught by industry experts with a diverse background.
  • Courses include practical tasks and various challenges to boost your skills!
  • Learning format: Online, study anywhere! These are live lessons, not pre-recorded.
  • Too busy to attend the classes? The recordings will stay with you so you can watch the lessons later on.

What’s Included?

  • Multiple weekly classes (Google Meet)
  • Problem-solving sessions
  • Free access to webinars and events
  • Practice sets and live coding examples
  • Supplementary reading material and study content
  • Access to recordings
  • Quizzes and practical tasks
  • Certification (mutually issued by Zeba Academy and several partner universities and organizations)

More Info

  • Duration of Courses – 2 months
  • Cost – 20,000 Tenge (all-inclusive)
  • To enrol, WhatsApp us using the button on this site, or email us