The Basics of Information Technology

The Basics of Information Technology

This course is suitable for newcomers who want to experience the world of information technology. During this course you will gain a basic knowledge of information and communication technologies.

Course Description

Brief Program of the Course

  • Definition of information and communication technology, the subject of ICT and its objectives
  • Introduction to the role of ICTs in key sectors of society development
  • ICT standards
  • Evolution of computer systems
  • What types of software exist (types, characteristics, purpose)
  • Evolution of operational systems (OS)
  • What is the user interface, and its types
  • Database System Basics
  • SQL Basics
  • Data Analysis Databases
  • IP addresses


  • Course duration is 6 months (24 weeks)
  • The cost of the course is 100 000 KZT per month

Selection Criteria

  • Basic understanding of programming concepts
  • Basic knowledge of computer science
  • Pc and Web navigation skills
  • Basic knowledge of mathematical concepts (school level)