Game Development Workshop Held at Astana IT University

“Game Development – Everything You Need to Know!” workshop was held in Astana IT University

Admirers of Aivazovsky, having re-read the biography of the artist and seen all of his paintings, sooner or later take paints in their hands and buy easels. Many fans of Nirvana dream of assembling stadiums and playing loud rock music. And those who spent many sleepless nights playing Call of Duty, created no single generation in the Sims and reached incredible heights in Fortnite, most likely at least once wondered how the game was built and wanted to become a game developer.

Game Development – Everything You Need to Know!

On December 12, Sufyan bin Uzayr, Director of Parakozm, shared his experiences in game development and spoke about tools that reveal great potential for creating games. Students of Astana IT University, programmers and enthusiasts in this field took part in his workshop.

Sufyan answered all burning questions preventing every beginner from taking the first step, such as:

  • What skills are needed for this?
  • What mistakes should be avoided?
  • How to advertise your work or publish games on different platforms?
  • How to lead your company to success?
  • How to get more players?
  • How to create a product of the future?

“No matter what talents and regalia a top developer possesses, he has started small: simple apps, table games, easy races. He didn’t think about huge exhibitions. Why not follow suit?” – Sufyan said.

Firstly, one needs to gain invaluable experience. At a practical workshop, participants discussed the programming languages for developing both easy and high-leveled games. Sufyan paid special attention to some tools, such as Godot Engine, Phaser, Cocos2D, MonoGame, Unreal Engine, Unity, etc.

As a direct participant in the virtual games market, he shared some tips on how to develop games without laying the entire budget on them, and, most importantly, how to monetize them.

It is worth noting that the Q&A session was quite active. Students asked a lot of questions and the speaker, in turn, tried to answer them in detail, leaving no one unanswered.

The event was free of charge. As a bonus, participants also received 4 development manuals from leading publishers and foreign experts. The coordinators of Zeba Academy, Almira Kazkenova and Adina Nurpeissova, helped organize the event.

To Wrap it Up…

In general, the workshop proved to be an extensive base of practical knowledge that will certainly help the attendees understand what is the best way to start this long, but fascinating journey into the virtual world of games.