Free SMM Workshop to be Conducted in AIFC, Nur-Sultan

11 января состоится бесплатный мастер-класс по SMM в г.Нур-Султан!

A few years ago, social networks were just a platform for exchanging information. They facilitated the process of communication, bringing together like-minded people and blurring the boundaries between cities and even countries. Nowadays the possibilities of social networks have increased significantly. Even Instagram has become a powerful tool for promoting and developing a business.

As we know, virtual platforms do not stand still, gaining new features, so we, all smm enthusiasts, need to keep up with the times! In this regard, we are pleased to announce a free master class called “SMM – What’s Trending in 2020” that will be held this Saturday on January 11.

Free SMM Workshop – Register Here

Address: EXPO Pavilion C4.3 Fintech Hub, Amsterdam Hall (244 cab.)

Date: January 11, 2020

Time: 11:00

In this master class, we will talk about the main trends in Instagram for the coming 2020, we will reveal:

  • Subtleties of visual design;
  • How to open up new opportunities and prospects for the development of your business with the help of SMM in the new decade;
  • Where is the “gold mine”;
  • How to create popular and “expensive” content;
  • How to choose the right strategy to increase activity;
  • What is the “right” targeting and how to create it;

And much more!

The workshop will be hosted by Adele Battal, practicing SMS manager. Remind you that she was already an instructor in our three-week SMM for Beginners course, held in December 2019. And based on the interest shown by the participants in this course, we decided to delve into the field of social media and marketing more and suggest you more interesting events and courses! Stay tuned as we prepared for you something interesting and announce it very soon. 🙂