Cross-Platform App Development with Flutter

Building Web Apps with Flutter and Cloud Firestore

The course ‘Cross-Platform App Development with Flutter’ is an immersion into modern web development using Flutter and Cloud Firestore. You will learn to create dynamic web applications with real-time data and impressive interactivity. This course will equip you with the skills needed to build contemporary web applications that harness the power of Flutter and the convenience of Cloud Firestore.  

Course Description

“Cross-Platform App Development with Flutter” is a comprehensive program designed to equip you with the skills to create modern web applications using Flutter, a versatile and popular framework for building user interfaces, and Cloud Firestore, Google’s flexible NoSQL database. This course begins with the fundamentals of Flutter and progresses to teach you how to design, develop, and deploy dynamic web applications with real-time data and interactivity. By the course’s conclusion, you’ll be adept at building web apps that harness the power of Flutter and Cloud Firestore. 

Brief Program of the Course

  • Overview of Flutter and Cloud Firestore 
  • Understanding the Flutter web app structure 
  • Design principles and user experience considerations 
  • Handling data streams and updates 
  • Introduction to Cloud Firestore 
  • Implementing user authentication in Flutter web apps 
  • Managing user access and security rules in Cloud Firestore 
  • Hands-on projects to apply your knowledge and skills 

Why Should You Learn This? 

  • Versatile Web Development: Flutter and Cloud Firestore enable you to build cross-platform web applications with real-time data, offering a versatile set of skills applicable to various web development projects. 
  • Real-Time Capabilities: Learn how to create apps that provide real-time data updates and interactivity, a crucial feature for modern web applications. 
  • Industry Relevance: Flutter is a sought-after skill in the software development industry, and Cloud Firestore is widely used for scalable, cloud-based data storage. 
  • Dynamic Web Apps: Discover how to design and develop interactive and dynamic web applications that can engage users and offer a rich user experience. 
  • Career Opportunities: Mastering Flutter and Cloud Firestore opens doors to web development roles and freelance opportunities, enhancing your career prospects. 

By the course’s end, you’ll be proficient in building web applications that leverage the power of Flutter and Cloud Firestore, making you a capable web developer with skills in high demand. 

What Will You Learn? 

In our “Cross-Platform App Development with Flutter” course, you will learn: 

  • How to design and develop responsive and visually appealing web interfaces using Flutter. 
  • The fundamentals of Cloud Firestore and how to set up, configure, and use it as a NoSQL database for web applications. 
  • Techniques for creating web apps that provide real-time data updates and user interactivity. 
  • Strategies for user authentication, access control, and data security in web apps. 
  • Deployment and optimization techniques to ensure your web app runs efficiently. 
  • Skills to scale and maintain your web applications as they grow. 

By the course’s completion, you will have the knowledge and hands-on experience to develop modern web applications that harness the power of Flutter and Cloud Firestore, delivering real-time data and interactivity to users. 


  • Course duration is 6 months (26 weeks)
  • The cost of the course is 100,000 KZT per month

Selection Criteria

  • Basic understanding of programming concepts
  • Basic knowledge of computer science
  • Pc and Web navigation skills
  • Basic knowledge of mathematical concepts (school level)

Selection is by means of Aptitude Test (online) followed by an interview (video). For enrolment, please text us via the WhatsApp button on this site, or write to