Mastering C++ Programming

Mastering C++ Programming

A C++ developer develops high-performance and high-load systems such as search engines, drivers, games, and applications. C++ is one of the ten most commonly used programming languages in the Stack Overflow rating. It is used to create high-load services where speed is important, such as search and advertising systems, drivers and operating systems, games and applications, as well as in the development of browsers, because people like to open a lot of tabs, and then look at a hanging computer. In C++, you can write programs of any complexity, including machine learning models and programs for autopilots.

Course Description

Brief Program of the Course

  • Writing code in C++
  • Understand the syntax, loops, conditions and functions of the language.
  • Learn how to turn lines of code into working programs
  • Work with databases Learn SQL — You can quickly retrieve information by querying databases
  • Understanding the principles of OOP
  • Get to know the paradigm of OOP and you will be able to interact with objects and classes.
  • You will learn how to develop a web application using C++
  • Final part: testing + project protection


  • Course duration is 6 months (24 weeks)
  • The cost of the course is 100 000 KZT per month

Selection Criteria

  • Basic understanding of programming concepts
  • Basic knowledge of computer science
  • Pc and Web navigation skills
  • Basic knowledge of mathematical concepts (school level)