The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Excel

The MS Excel spreadsheet is a powerful tool for storing, structuring, and processing numeric and symbolic information, as well as its graphical representation in the form of diagrams and diagrams. Spreadsheets allow you to automate calculations on large amounts of data.

The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Excel Course


Many people use Excel whenever you need to create a table, but most users do not even imagine the full scale and variety of features of the program!
In our course, you will learn how to work professionally with tables, formulas, charts, macros, and more.

Target audience

This course is intended for

  • entry-level Students
  • Ambitious people, without any experience in IT.

What you will learn

The purpose of the course is to learn about the functions of Microsoft Excel control elements, objects, and menu commands

Advantages that we offer

  • You will have free access to our Classroom, which offers excellent learning materials such as e-books, videos, and tutorials
  • Access to our mobile app
  • Direct contact with experts and professors from all over the world
  • At the end of the course, you can complete an internship or get a remote job with us.


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