About Us

The creative spirit demands persistence.

Hasan al-Basri

Who We Are (And What We Do)?

Zeba Academy is an IT school, running both on-campus and online courses across various paradigm.

Our Vision

We believe education cannot be tied down to a particular space or a specific room. Rather, in today’s rapidly changing society, learning has grown way beyond the traditional classroom model and is now an ongoing process encompassing all walks of life.

At Zeba Academy, we are putting this very thought into practice.

Our Story

Started off as a sub-division of Parakozm Ltd Kazakhstan, Zeba Academy, at its very onset, is a body running technical courses and programs for learners of all levels and age groups. However, our courses come with a difference — we run either Hybrid Courses (taught both in-class and on-line), or purely Online Courses.

All of the online teaching is powered by our in-house portal, classroom9, which helps learners learn at their pace and at their convenience. Both online and offline learning material is currently being developed and curated under the aegis of our sister concern, Zeba Books.

Zeba Academy’s activities in Kazakhstan are conducted within the purview of Parakozm Ltd, an IT company with offices in multiple countries, and an AIFC participant, and a resident of Technopark Astana Hub.

What We Teach (And How)?

For decades, technical education, especially in certain parts of the developing world, has revolved around mundane and generic models of learning and skillsets.

At Zeba Academy, we believe in growing beyond the mould of outdated concepts and thinking out of the box. This is why our courses cover topics that are not only high in demand globally, but also relevant and in sync with today’s industry trends.

The best part? Majority of our courses are offered at pro bono or highly discounted rates.

More Info

Zeba Academy also publishes Open Access — a Russian-language magazine covering all the latest happenings in the IT industry. Open Access is free for all to access, read and browse (see the name? “Open” Access!).

Furthermore, we regularly hold info sessions, workshops and master classes at various places, including campuses of universities, startup incubators, etc. to disseminate information for all attendees and tech enthusiasts as well as students.

Sounds good? Apply to join as a student, or perhaps give teaching a try and apply to be an instructor by writing to hello@zeba.academy